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Optimize Operation & maintenance

Planned preventive and predictive Operation & maintenance are the keys to squeezing out productivity from your plant. With declining electricity prices and reduced subsidies, every advantage counts - and scheduling and performing O&M when the “wind is not blowing” can help you get more financial return from your assets.

Smart Data provides the customer with actionable insights that directly impact the performance of every single turbine and entire windfarms, allowing for full optimization of your wind assets.”

Kim Emil Andersen, Director, Technology R&D

Minimize uncertainty with predictive maintenance

With Smart Data we empower our customers to move from reporting and diagnostics of turbine operation and maintenance requirements to predictive and prescriptive analysis. This development includes moving from being able to answer what went wrong to answer what will happen and how can we avoid it happen.

We apply data from more than 30,000 turbines to continuously improve our service and products. Currently, we have brought down the lost production factor to 1.6-1.7 percent, which is about half of the industry benchmark, meaning that we on a yearly basis save our clients more than 100 million euros in operational maintenance, impacting the cost of energy significantly.