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Transform data into insights

Partnering with us we set up optimal data infrastructure solutions and build applications that serve your needs. Without having the right data infrastructure, you undermine your ability to transform data into valid information and tangible insights.

“Data infrastructure is the foundation below Smart Data and is what makes Smart Data available to end-users and consumers of data. We help our customers set up an optimal data infrastructure.” 

Mehran Nourkbaksh, Chief Specialist, Plant Solutions

Data from the world’s biggest fleet of turbines

We ensure customers can transfer and access data through the optimal applications, allowing them to focus on the core of their business. 

From the biggest fleet of turbines in the world, we are able to transfer huge amounts of data real-time to the Vestas data eco-system enabling our customers to take decisions based on insights. 

Based on our customers’ organizational needs we identify possibilities for optimizing their infrastructure and tailor solutions that fits their needs.  

We are also able to integrate any other asset from renewable energy into our system.