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Vestas Smart Data

Vestas takes data to the next level

Smart Data is the transformation of vast amounts of data into solid, actionable insights that can improve the performance of every turbine and energy solution, both now and in the future.

“We convert knowledge and data into new products and offerings to minimize OPEX cost and create better business case certainty for our customers”

Lars Christian Christensen, Vice President, Plant Solutions

Improve your decision making

Smart Data helps you choose the best location, specify the perfect turbine – and even tells you when the weather is best to perform maintenance. Thanks to the powerful combination of our high performance computing capabilities and the world’s largest wind data archive, we can create value throughout your operation.

By converting data into new solutions, we are able to minimize your opex cost, create better business case certainty and give you a fleet-wide overview – all by bringing new smart products into play in the smart data domain.

The Vestas Supercomputer

With extreme processing power and storage capabilities the Vestas SuperComputer detects patterns and connections that the human mind cannot disclose on its own.  

Interconnected with 50+ million sensors from connected wind turbines across the globe the SuperComputer allows us to leverage world-class digital technologies enabling insights from Smart Data and simulation.